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The Crypto Mafia is coming for Banking

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Lafferty Group's new executive advisory report The Crypto Mafia is coming for Bankingsurveys the world of digital assets from bitcoin and Ethereum to stablecoins, and from Facebook's Diem project to central bank digital currencies. We're all coming to terms with the digitalisation of finance, and the role of the internet, but cryptocurrencies are currently the Wild West of finance where there's great innovation along with great lawlessness and chicanery.

Does it matter that a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires exercise enormous control over the main cryptocurrencies? Should banks follow the lead of fintech such as Square, Revolut and PayPal and allow customers to hold and trade cryptocurrencies? Or will the world of cryptocurrency spectacularly implode and drop to zero? Is cryptocurrency a genuinely new layer in finance or a short-term affair? We provide a way to gain a genuine understanding of the cryptocurrency world to better allow bankers to make informed decisions about digital assets and digital currencies. Our 40-page report takes your through the following details:

  • Overview and introduction
  • How to create a cryptocurrency
  • What is Cryptography?
  • Security and proof of work
  • The top ten cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, XRP / Ripple, Cardano, Polkadot, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin
  • The top players – from Satoshi Nakamoto to Elon Musk
  • Stablecoins and commercial bank coins
  • The crypto exchanges
  • The Zuck Buck and Big Tech Coins: From Libra to Diem
  • The Regulators
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • The bitcoin backstory

Available from Monday 24 March 2021. Order your report here.

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