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The Buy Now Pay Later Market Explodes Worldwide

Heading for over $3 trillion in annual value by 2026

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The BNPL market for consumer credit continues to explode worldwide and is forecast to reach $1 trillion in annual value by 2026 and three times that amount by 2030, according to the latest edition of the BNPL Index, the Lafferty research service.

The Index also reveals that:

  • Unlike credit cards, the top 10 markets for Buy Now, Pay Later credit include several continental European countries – notably Germany, France and Sweden – as well as India. Predictably, the pack leaders are the US, UK and Australia.
  • The entry of Apple with it's offer of monthly interest-free repayments, is having a vast impact on the US market. This is likely to be replicated worldwide.
  • Credit cards, that great source of bank profits worldwide for decades are predicted to show declining numbers over the next three years – while BNPL will continue to grow rapidly
  • BNPL debt can be seen as an indicator of affluence and poverty. In the UK example citizens in the impoverished city of Plymouth are shown to have average debt of $636 whereas those of London owe less than half that amount for BNPL purchases
  • Cards processors are poised to enter the BNPL market.

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