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The global BNPL Market size is expected to touch $532.9 billion by 2024. That's a CAGR of 56% from 2021 to 2024, and indicates the swift rise of BNPL as a convenient form of consumer credit – just as credit cards held that title of convenient credit for the last five decades.

Lafferty Group examines the top 20 BNPL markets worldwide and estimates the growth in each market based on growth rates that kept rising during the pandemic as consumers and businesses switched to e-commerce for things as basic as grocery shopping online. With many younger consumers shunning credit cards but still needing to shop, BNPL provides a handy alternative. Built from the ground up principally to serve e-commerce markets, BNPL players harness credit risk algorithms and machine learning to deliver instant unsecured credit, turning BNPL into a powerful customer acquisition tools.

Table of Contents:
BNPL: Changing the dynamic of digital payments
BNPL's potential for exponential growth
The Covid-19 Pandemic was BNPL's moment
Regulation is coming for BNPL
BNPL Forecasts and Estimates (2021 – 2024)
Share of Ecommerce transactions made using BNPL service
The Prominent BNPL Players by Market
How BNPL will rise while Credit Card Receivables fall

BNPL Share of E-Commerce in 20 countries
BNPL Share of E-Commerce in 20 countries (graph)
US BNPL Market Size Index
UK BNPL Market Size Index
Global BNPL Market Size Index
Global E-Commerce Payment Methods 2020 vs 2024
Share of Ecommerce Transactions Made Using BNPL Service
Avg BNPL Debt per Platform in UK (in $)
Purchasing Decisions with and without BNPL
Biggest BNPL Providers Worldwide Gross Merchandise Volume in 2020
Market Share of BNPL In E-Commerce Payments by Leading Players
US Credit Card Outstanding vs. BNPL Market Size Value
Top 20 Countries + Brazil + Rest of World BNPL Volumes + CAGR

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