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Retail banking is consistently the most profitable sector of banking, as it serveswide range of individuals and small and medium businesses. It helps customers tokeep their money safe, make payments, keep track of what we spend and receive,pay interest on savings, lend customers money, and help them maintain or growtheir savings. Our retail banking courses are designed around customer-centricprinciples.

Who is it for?

The Customer Management in Retail Banking certificate programme is designed for Heads of Sales, Customer Experience executives, and Marketing executives.

How long will it take?

This course requires an estimated 40 to 60 hours of study. Candidates can expect to complete the course inside two months.

What's in the programme?

The programme contains four modules, each covering a critical part of the retail banking industry.

Introduction to Modern Retail Banking

  • Banks and accumulation of wealth
  • The first retail banks
  • Retail banking through economic cycles
  • Business on the internet
  • Digitalisation and digital banking
  • Fintech case studies
  • Banking and data regulation
  • Banking and payments

Developing Customer Management Capabilities

  • Customer Management Core Capabilities
  • Key Roles in a Customer-Centric Bank
  • Manage the Relationship between the Bank, its People, and its Customers
  • Get, Grow, and Keep Valuable Customers
  • Have a Deep Understanding of Customer Needs, Behaviour, and Value
  • Prospects and Customers
  • Developing Segmentation
  • Customer Dreams, Problems to be Solved, and Jobs to be Done
  • Using Technology to Gain a Deep Understanding of Customers
  • Engaging Specific Customers or Segments
  • Optimising Customer Satisfaction

Customer-Centric Customer Management

  • Operating in a Customer Centric Way
  • Turning Customer Data into an Asset
  • Customer Analytics Tools and Software
  • Customer Journey Analytics and Mapping
  • Customer Lifetime Value and Relationship Management
  • How to Implement or Remediate a CRM System
  • Customer Data
  • Creating a Single View of the Customer – Where to start?
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Targeting Customers
  • Measuring and Improving Performance

Recovery and Collections

  • Defining Collection and Recoveries
  • Policy and Insight
  • The Collection Ruler, Technology and Tools
  • Collections Data and Analytics
  • Collections and Tone of Voice
  • Recovery

Is there a qualification?

Successful candidates will be awarded the Certificate in Customer Management qualification from Retail Banking Institute.

When does the course begin?

The programme is self-paced and delivered online through written material and illustrations. You can begin at any time and proceed at your own pace.

Where can I take the course?

The programme is delivered online, so you can take the programme from the comfort of your own home or office.

What is the price?

The course is €599.

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