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SME Business Banking


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SMEs are the growth engine of capitalist economies and they account for 50 percent + of annual GDP – and sometimes more.

  • SMEs also account for most jobs in most economies.
  • Digital technology can offer slick interfaces for mobile banking on the go
  • Fintechs find the SME market much easier than consumer banking
  • Basle Accord is HUGE, and states and governments are pushing banks to lend more to the SME sector

The deliverables:

This service is delivered in monthly reports, with each report featuring contextualised case studies including:

  • Case studies of the leading emerging business banking fintech players
  • Case studies of new age business banks worldwide
  • Notable business banking fintech initiatives currently underway worldwide
  • Recommendations for designing strategies, improving execution, creating new addressable market segments, improving processes and practices and increasing profitability

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