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Research & Advisory

Mobile Wallet Research and Advisory Service

Buy Mobile Wallet Research reports

The Mobile Wallet Global Research and Advisory Service provides regular reports with actionable knowledge based on case studies covering best practices, commentary on products and services, key metrics, descriptions of regulatory environments, and incisive coverage of the latest developments across the world. Subscribers to the Mobile Wallet Global Research and Advisory Service can also avail of an hour per month of consulting time with a Lafferty analyst.

The full spectrum of cloud-based and device-based models is described in our reports:

Within these models we specifically look at mobile wallet design, IT spend, and approaches taken by Financial Services Institutions (FSIs or banks), card networks, fintechs, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), merchants, and others providing for financial inclusion or alternatives to incumbent players. The lessons learned are global and so is the most valuable coverage:

The Mobile Wallet Global Research & Advisory Service will cover more than one hundred and fifty mobile wallets across every major region of the world. Each report is 10 to 15 pages long and provides insights so that leaders in digital and mobile payments might make critical decisions on a timely basis.

Reports are delivered approximately every two weeks, with each report focused on a specific region. This means that every two months, you will receive the most exciting perspectives from around the globe, looking at mobile wallets through a series of different lenses. Subscribers will build up comprehensive knowledge about and critical insight into the industry.

Strategic Insights

The reports aim to provide strategic insight into:

  • Challenges to incumbents resulting from the exponential emergence of mobile wallets
  • Regulatory and government requirements that vary from total control to complete openness
  • Intertwining of mobile wallets within local banking systems and domestic networks
  • Uniqueness of the revenue/profit models in each country and region surveyed
  • Innovative mitigation of gaps in infrastructure in several countries
  • Demands and aspirations of younger people – the biggest adopters of mobile wallets
  • Integration with popular forms of social media and the enormous opportunities they present (eg WhatsApp)
  • Key roles played by governments and central banks in regulating mobile wallets and using them as a key component of financial inclusion strategies
  • Merchant adoption of mobile wallets as a preferred channel for accepting digital payments
  • Value Added Services (over and above payments) and resulting ancillary
  • revenues derived from mobile wallets
  • The advance of multinational mobile wallets such as Tencent, Alipay and Grab

Each region provides important lessons from which all subscribers will benefit.

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