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In 2019, Lafferty Group launched its new Research services for senior executives and decision makers in retail banking and payments. The service is delivered in regular digestible (10 to 15 page) reports which are supplemented by an in-depth discussion and Q&A session with the lead analyst for each las service. The new Research services have been developed based on feedback and demand from our members and clients.

The research services are offered in three streams:

Digital Finance

Credit cards, now a five-decade old industry, has been a massive business generating enormous profits. However, over the past ten years in particular, the industry has lost a vast deal of experience through attrition, retirement and the loss of expertise as banks and even cards businesses shuttered their doors.


Mobile Wallets

The Mobile Wallet Global Research and Advisory Service provides regular reports with actionable knowledge based on case studies covering best practices, commentary on products and services, key metrics, descriptions of regulatory environments, and incisive coverage of the latest developments across the world.


SME Business Banking

SMEs are the growth engine of capitalist economies and they account for 50 percent + of annual GDP - and sometimes more. SMEs also account for most jobs in most economies. Digital technology can offer slick interfaces for mobile banking on the go.

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