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POS Manufacturers and Business Tool providers

Issue 5 – November 2019

POS Manufacturers and Business Tool providers

This module focuses on new players with global and regional ambitions: iZettle (Sweden), Clip (Mexico), Yoco (South Africa) and POS Rocket (Jordan). All are businesses founded in the last decade. The influence of Jack Dorsey's Square business is seen in each case study.

  • The new market leaders have unbundled the standard bank-provided POS terminal into software apps with business services and card and NFC-reading mechanical devices.
  • POS manufacturers in different regions following a common technical playbook but bring expert local market knowledge to their services
  • They are using common marketing language around providing 'tools for SMEs' as opposed to financial services
  • The prepaid economy has inspired the design and function of these new readers, designed to service small and aspiring businesses that do not have the credit or wherewithal to enter expensive upfront contracts


  • Introduction
  • Yoco
  • iZettle
  • Clip
  • POS Rocket

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