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Welcome to the Lafferty Daily Briefing

Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Daily briefing – 18 February 2020

HSBC is announcing results and new strategies today, including news that it made a $13.5 billion profit in 2019, which was lower than expectations of...

Daily briefing – 17 February 2020

The African Development Bank has pushed back against criticism that it is pushing too much money into Nigeria and South Africa. As the US agonises over...

Daily briefing – 06 February 2020

Chinese stocks are selling off as uncertainty around the impact of the coronavirus brings parts of the economy to a juddering halt.But midsize lenders...

Daily briefing – 05 February 2020

Energy assets can shift from uneconomic to economic as technology improves: an oil or gas field discovered years earlier can become economic as oil prices...

Daily briefing – 04 February 2020

"'Downtown' is a perfect example of Anglo-Americana," writes the FT, musing on Petula Clark's 1960s pop hit."The lyrics describe...

Daily briefing – 03 February 2020

There should be some red faces in Ireland this morning after the European Parliament blocked the appointment of Irish central banker Gerry Cross as the...

Daily briefing – 30 January 2020

One day the axe just fell. Noel Quinn channels Fred the Shred and Mack the Knife as he looks to slim down HSBC, beginning with Turkey, where HSBC has...

Daily briefing – 29 January 2020

Once upon a time, a person needed deep pockets to even get an introduction to Goldman Sach las. Now you can sign up on your phone, and the executives...

Daily briefing – 28 January 2020

Outstanding card borrowing in the US has passed its pre-crisis peak with $880 billion now outstanding on consumer cards. Proactive credit line increases...

Daily briefing – 27 January 2020

BIS chief Agustin Carstens has been telling central bankers to focus on the exciting new stuff of technology such as digital currencies and now the central...

Daily briefing – 23 January 2020

African fintech Flutterwave confirms that Lagos fintech businesses are on the right track as it announced a series B fundraise of $35 million which includes...

Daily briefing – 22 January 2020

During 2019, our advisory service noted that 2020 would see a swathe of completely new entrants to financial services, ranging from airlines to multi-player...

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