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Welcome to the Lafferty Daily Briefing

Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Daily briefing – 28 January 2020

Outstanding card borrowing in the US has passed its pre-crisis peak with $880 billion now outstanding on consumer cards. Proactive credit line increases...

Daily briefing – 27 January 2020

BIS chief Agustin Carstens has been telling central bankers to focus on the exciting new stuff of technology such as digital currencies and now the central...

Daily briefing – 23 January 2020

African fintech Flutterwave confirms that Lagos fintech businesses are on the right track as it announced a series B fundraise of $35 million which includes...

Daily briefing – 22 January 2020

During 2019, our advisory service noted that 2020 would see a swathe of completely new entrants to financial services, ranging from airlines to multi-player...

Daily briefing – 21 January 2020

Slate magazine was once part of the Washington Post empire before the paper was gobbled up by Jeff Bezos. Slate has just published a list of the top...

Daily briefing – 20 January 2020

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has a new report out on the dos Santos family stripping African assets in Angola, including...

Daily briefing – 17 January 2020

India's digital payments industry continues to be an astonishing story. But behind the plethora of new services emerging, there's a common pattern...

Daily briefing – 16 January 2020

There's a sudden and unseemly scramble by banks to present green credentials as 2019 proved to deliver a global jolt on climate change. A lot of...

Daily briefing – 15 January 2020

JPMorgan continues to outpace its US rivals as the major banks announced fourth quarter results, posting net income for the year of $36.4 billion. Chief...

Daily briefing – 14 January 2020

Someday, historians will write that Boeing's engineering crisis diverted management from seeing the climate change writing on the wall. 2019 saw...

Daily briefing – 13 January 2020

Hong Kong's new digital bank ZA Bank is making news with a deposit offering of six percent for three-month deposits. It's been an uneven year...

Daily briefing – 10 January 2020

Softbank continues to be a company to watch in 2020. Don't forget that it has invested heavily in the fintech sector in emerging markets, and some...

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