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Welcome to the Lafferty Daily Briefing

Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Daily briefing – 02 April 2020

Data is precious in Africa, where they are more difficult to collect. So it will be interesting to see who has acquired Jumia, the ecommerce business...

Daily briefing – 01 April 2020

April fool jokes feel superfluous this morning as we emerge from what feels like a year-long month of March.Now from the bunker, we're surveying...

Daily briefing – 31 March 2020

The only traffic on the transatlantic air route that passes over the Lafferty office is cargo planes now.With oil prices slumping under $20 a barrel,...

Daily briefing – 30 March 2020

Looking on the bright side of all of this, said one tweeter over the weekend (and with a lot of sarcasm): when this is over we'll have a police state...

Daily briefing – 26 March 2020

Along with supermarkets, pharmacies and post offices, banks are among the few businesses staying open to the public during what's now a three to four...

Daily briefing – 25 March 2020

Facebook may take a stake in Indian conglomerate Reliance Jio, which has seized a major share of the telco market, though not without the aid of the state....

Daily briefing – 24 March 2020

One of the early signals of the vectors of coronavirus transmission came when airport chiefs began coming down with the disease earlier this month. A...

Daily briefing – 23 March 2020

What is it with political leaders going on a "war footing"?Around the world, political leaders are calling on central bankers to do something,...

Daily briefing – 19 March 2020

It has been illuminating watching citizens and world leaders move from complacency to unabated action in the space of a few days. The front page of this...

Daily briefing – 18 March 2020

The world seems a much-changed place since our last news bulletin a few days back. Solidarity is in order.Safaricom is cutting payment fees for the next...

Daily briefing – 12 March 2020

It's time for solidarity, because COVID-19 appears to be bringing out the best and worst in people and nations. Italy, reeling from the impact of...

Daily briefing – 11 March 2020

Well, now at least we know.Carrying on as usual is not the solution to preventing a pandemic, despite the exhortations of the UK and US leaders. While...

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