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Welcome to the Lafferty Daily Briefing

Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Daily briefing – 08 November 2019

Rana Foroohar, the FT's associate editor, has brought a new perspective to the paper's coverage of technology and business, and today she's...

07 November 2019

It's barely six months since Softbank's reputation was so good that it stepped in to help out Wirecard with a $900 million convertible cash bond...

Daily briefing – 06 November 2019

Now that the UK won't be around to complain, the EU's federalists are back with a bigger banking plan. Germany has given up its opposition to...

Daily briefing – 05 November 2019

There's been an uptick of African banks growing their networks laterally across Africa, the latest being Nigeria's Access Bank. The lender, which...

Daily briefing – 04 November 2019

The world's richest IPO will go ahead this year as Saudi Aramco – allegedly the world's most profitable company – announced that it will list...

Daily briefing – 1 November 2019

In England, people call them sleeping policemen: they're the speed bumps installed in cities and housing estates to slow the frantic public down a...

Daily briefing – 31 October 2019

The EU may create a new body for regulatory oversight in the area of money laundering, which it now appears to accept is a structural problem within European...

Daily briefing – 30 October 2019

After years of steaming ahead, Uber is now copying its imitators after watching Gojek and Grab turn ridehailing platforms into local superapps with payments...

Daily briefing – 29 October 2019

As protests flare across every continent, banks are starting to count the costs of the revolt against business as usual. Hong Kong, with a reputation...

Daily briefing – 25 October 2019

Does Elizabeth Warren want to break up Facebook and Whatsapp? Maybe consider what's happening these last weeks in Lebanon. It feels like the world...

Daily briefing – 24 October 2019

Key talking points from The International SME Business Banking-Fintech Forum The International SME Business Banking-Fintech Forum in London this week,...

Daily briefing – 21 October 2019

The surge in homebuying activity in the United States has caught the big US banks off guard, reports Reuters, even though that's the main business...

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