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Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Lafferty briefing – 11 May 2020

Trust continues to be hard-earned and easily lost. As much of the global white collar workforce learns remote working, the issue of trust is coming to...

Lafferty Briefing – 07 May 2020

EY features in several stories today of collapsing empires. As the FT reports today, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has launched a criminal complaint against...

Lafferty Briefing – 06 May 2020

Now is time to build resilience in African supply chains, said Ecobank chief executive Ade Ayeyemi, speaking to Global Trade Review. "We think that...

Lafferty briefing – 05 May 2020

It is not all doom and gloom: there will be winners in this current scenario. Revolut's combative chief executive Nicolai Storonsky is looking for...

Daily briefing – 30 April 2020

How about this picture: Barclays Bank and Deutsche Bank reported strong first-quarter profits and saw their share prices rise by double digit figures...

Daily briefing – 29 April 2020

Lafferty's  Digital Finance   service predicted...

Daily briefing – 28 April 2020

Deutsche Bank announced on Sunday evening that it had made a profit during the first quarter.That's big news at a bank which reliably makes other...

Daily briefing – 27 April 2020

Standard Chartered will likely take only 18 cents on the dollar of almost a billion dollars of lending to two corporate giants that have staggered recently....

Daily briefing – 23 April 2020

How have the money remitters been holding up? It's definitely going to be a game of winners and losers. In 2019, remittances became the single biggest...

Daily briefing – 22 April 2020

"The letters started to arrive in early April," writes Bloomberg. "One after the other, the titans of global finance, from JPMorgan Chase...

Daily briefing – 21 April 2020

The cloud business sounds fluffy, but we know that clouds only work on the back of massive and superfast networks and gigantic data centres. The global...

Daily briefing – 20 April 2020

How are banks coping with people working from home? It's a work in progress, but there is a social network for bankers. First developed by Goldman...

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