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Welcome to the Lafferty Daily Briefing

Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Daily briefing – 03 December 2019

Investors are hailing UniCredit this morning as it announces the end of 8,000 jobs and signals that it will buy back more than two billion dollars of...

Daily briefing – 02 December 2019

"When the world learned that billions in dirty funds had flowed through Danske Bank A/S and Swedbank, it proved disastrous for the two lenders,"...

Daily briefing – 29 November 2019

Humanity is deciding that we are in fact the frogs in the boiling pot, with Europe now taking a lead as the European Parliament yesterday declared a climate...

Daily briefing – 28 November 2019

How about an update on Australian banks? "Australia's scandal-plagued financial industry was set reeling yet again after regulators accused...

Daily briefing – 27 November 2019

The direction of banking policy in Europe is in the balance ahead of the election of the new European Commission, which will have a five-year...

Daily briefing – 26 November 2019

When Australia's Royal Commission on banking published its findings earlier this year, there was a sense that things were finally going to change....

25 November 2019

And with a single bound, he's free. This is a clip of Boris-lleagh hurler https://twitter.com/GAA__JOE/status/1198619934437326849.11(Brendan Maher,...

Daily briefing – 22 November 2019

Several big deals this week illustrate the disruptive potential of digital banking, especially in countries where mobile phone ownership levels surpass...

Daily briefing – 21 November 2019

Chinese investors are making a pivot towards Africa, notes Techcrunch at the end of a busy month for fintech in Nigeria, with three payment players attracting...

Daily briefing – 20 November 2019

The comments section of the FT's story about cranky bankers and agitated sheikhs in Saudi Arabia last weekend throws up some real gems.Subscribers...

Daily briefing – 19 November 2019

Visa will ramp up its digital capabilities in Mexico after entering a strategic partnership with nonbank merchant acquirer Clip, which raised a further...

Daily briefing – 18 November 2019

Between reality and the goal of a United Kingdom severing its connection to the red-tape monster of Brussels is a $640 trillion clearing market with a...

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