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Welcome to the Lafferty Daily Briefing

Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Lafferty Daily Briefing – 30 November 2020

There sure is a lot of repositioning going on among UK banks as the very final Brexit talks come to a conclusion.Danish ferries operator DFDS, who readers...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 26 November 2020

So who out there bought an exercise bicycle during the pandemic? Someone is buying an awful lot of Peletons, according to Affirm, the instalment lender...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 25 November 2020

The cost and value of data is a major and growing issue for banks.Is there an alternative universe where data is not so expensive? Perhaps. It's...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 24 November 2020

Covid-19 is no emergency drill, but it's certainly allowed a lot of fintechs in France to get some practice at the ultimately lucrative lending business.While...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 23 November 2020

Several years ago, with interest rates dropping and fintech competition driving down fee income, many banks looked to hive off payments operations into...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 19 November 2020

More than twenty years after moving into financial services, British supermarket banks are going back to the business of supermarketing as the big British...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 17 November 2020

While Côte D'Ivoire prepared for an election last month, Emmanuel Macron promised to keep out of African politics. It didn't quite work....

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 16 November 2020

BBVA is to sell its US operations to PNC Bank for $11.6 billion in cash, reports Reuters. With its origins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PNC Bank has grown...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 12 November 2020

Financial regulators in China, the US, Africa and Europe are facing common but unusual challenges these days. Regulating banks is a difficult enough business,...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 11 November 2020

Nigerian fintechs are finding willing partners in banks and telcos as investors continue to support innovation in digital payments. After a couple of years...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 10 November 2020

Japan's Mizuho Bank will become the first Japanese bank to sell consumer data to corporate clients and directly monetise its vast databases, chief...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 09 November 2020

What a long, strange ride it's been, and November is only a week old.The Associated Press called the US election in favour of Joe Biden on Saturday...

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