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Welcome to the Lafferty Daily Briefing

Lafferty Daily Briefing provides a concise round up and analysis of critical developments in the world of consumer and SME banking, cards and payments and digital finance.

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Daily briefing - 04 July 2019

Nigerian banks are being encouraged to grow their retail lending books in order to grow the economy, according to a report on Bloomberg, by increasing...

Singer Sewing Machine
Daily briefing - 03 July 2019

Some historians trace the rise of consumer credit in America back to the Singer sewing machine, which became popular in the 1850s, with women showing...

Agustin Carstens
Daily briefing - 02 July 2019

Agustin Carstens, the chief central banker of the central banks, spoke last weekend to the Financial Times on the question of central banks issuing digital...

Daily briefing - 01 July 2019

Michael Lafferty writes: Jaja Finance announced last Friday that it will acquire the credit cards business of Bank of Ireland UK. This is a great move...

Daily briefing - 28 June 2019

Following the news of Facebook's entry into the world of digital assets and digital tokens, we observed that the Libra Association - which will run...

Customer Authentication
Daily briefing - 27 June 2019

The ECB's Yves Mersch has been calling for instant payments in Europe for the last few years, but he's also been warning that bitcoin...

Daily briefing - 26 June 2019

It's hardly a surprise that US congresswoman Maxine Waters is calling for a ban on Libra, stating that nothing must be allowed to challenge the dollar....

Libra's new HQ Geneva
Daily briefing - 25 June 2019

Facebook's Libra project is growing from an office in Geneva. And how? We've marked Switzerland's card as a world leader in digital assets...

E Corp
Daily briefing - 24 June 2019

Uberisation has come to mean upending, or total disruption of a business. One of the weekend papers here in Ireland carried a supplement about the uberisation...

Libra Whitepaper
Daily briefing - 21 June 2019

"The advent of the internet and mobile broadband has empowered billions of people globally to have access to the world's knowledge and information,...

Daily briefing - 20 June 2019

Lloyds Bank's head of remuneration Stuart Sinclair has been writing his name in lights with a soon-to-be-immortal quote about chief executive Antonio...

Libra's new HQ Geneva
Daily briefing - 19 June 2019

It's necessary to step back to get a bigger picture of what's happening with Facebook and its Libra digital currency. Do remember that Facebook's...

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