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Statement on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

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Lafferty Daily Briefing – 09 March 2021

Back in the mists of time, Elon Musk merged his online bank with payments business Confinity to form PayPal. PayPal spent most of the following15...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 04 March 2021

The Bank of England becomes the first central bank to add green metrics to its inflation-fighting mandate.The ECB is considering such a move, but has...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 01 March 2021

The re-habilitation of Alibaba and Jack Ma is taking time. It is, according to some reports, the clearest sign of growing tension between the government...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 25 February 2021

Having coped with a pandemic and Brexit during 2020, the UK's banks have defied expectations with strong results for the fourth quarter of the year.There...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 24 February 2021

The relationship between banks and cloud providers is complex. Many banks are already locked in to deals with one or more of Microsoft, Google and Amazon...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 23 February 2021

When we spoke recently to Tauriq Keraan of TymeBank, he was cautiously optimistic about the bank's prospects in 2021. In the intervening weeks, there's...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 22 February 2021

The UK's top banks have called on the UK government to maintain the country's position as the top global exporter of financial services, following...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 18 February 2021

Energy reliability is a massive problem in many emerging markets, but events of the past week show that even the wealthiest countries are at risk from...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 17 February 2021

When you can't beat them, join them. Ant Financial's rocket-like rise was predicated on its ability to drink in and process vast amounts of data,...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 3 December 2020

Bitcoin quietly tipped past its previous all-time high price of $19,500 this week, as mainstream media has started to regularly report on the cyryptocurrency...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 2 December 2020

Klarna has elevated investor and former journalist Michael Moritz to chairman of the group as it doubles down on its push into the United States, where...

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 1 December 2020

The new Banking and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA) will require banks to seek Central Bank of Nigeria approval to issue loans greater than 3...

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This sad week marks the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's long-serving head of state.

On behalf of the Lafferty family and Lafferty Group, I extend our condolences to her family and the people of the United Kingdom.

Britain has been good to us – first by enabling a 17-year old Irishman to turn up in London in 1968 and become a Chartered Accountant – something not then possible in an Ireland where one had to pay considerable fees to become "articled".

This led to the opportunity to become a journalist with one of the world's greatest newspapers, the Financial Times.

The launch of Lafferty Group followed and with it the opportunity to meet the Queen and Prince Philip on the Royal Yacht when we were granted a Queen's Award for Exports.

Decades later when we were being vetted for the privilege of becoming an Institute providing retail banking education and examinations under UK company law that Queen's Award was one of the many factors that led the judges to conclude that Lafferty Group should be authorised to take the new name of Retail Banking Institute.

We are proud to be headquartered in London.

May Her Majesty rest in peace.

Michael Lafferty

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