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Retail Banking Institute

"Institutes are organisations that typically undertake research at the highest level or are professional bodies of the highest standing"

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, London, 1 August 2019

Welcome to the Retail Banking Institute, providing professional training and education to the banking and financial services industries worldwide.

The new Lafferty Retail Banking Institute certification programme launched in 2020, offering a world class e-learning solution for banks and other financial institutions. The initial focus is on retail banking with more detailed extensions into credit cards, payments, wealth management and SME banking. Future programmes will focus on the core areas of corporate banking.

Our courses will be delivered using multiple media, including engaging video presentations, top academic material written and developed by seasoned global bankers with supporting graphics, case studies, quizzes, podcasts and masterclasses. We will also provide users and our clients with feedback on the overall course and testing performance in order to maximise the experience and outcomes. Our online learning system enables the management of the full end-to-end exam process to include authoring, delivery and remote online invigilation.

This programme, combined with access to respected Lafferty Group research, creates a truly differentiated learning experience for bankers today. The end result is a high-impact, high-return, dynamic and digital learning platform which will become the global industry standard.

Candidates can log into the secure learning platform to view their course content with username and password. All personal data will be securely stored and any use of such data will follow data protection principles and applicable law.

Each candidate is then welcomed back to the programme where they can easily view courses that have been made available to them and what portion of the course has been completed.

Candidates can also access our vast archived knowledge centre of the Lafferty Group using simple search functions. For our Founder Members, the access to Lafferty research is even more all-encompassing with opportunities to view our current research in areas such as digital finance, mobile wallet and SME banking.

In addition to creating access to world-class research, our platform ensures candidates can easily access real-time information about their course status. The interface shows where the candidate last finished and offers the option to resume. All of the course modules and sub-modules are displayed with the expected time to completion.

Our solution also offers simple diagnostic tools to give users an opportunity to test their level of knowledge retention. Completed coursework is also added to a table built into the system.


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