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Lafferty 1000 Ratings Metrics

Qualitative: The following metrics are used in the rating process:

  • Credible measure of Customer Focus
  • Organisational Culture
  • Leadership Experience (CEO experience)
  • Digital vision and Strategy (Transformation)
  • Board Diversity
  • Customer Satisfaction/Focus
  • Financial Inclusion mandate
  • Digital dependability
  • Technological expertise at executive board level
  • Strategic Planning (Actions)
  • Fulfilment of Brand promise
  • Excessive Profit changes/One-offs
  • Strategic Clarity
  • Climate Change Policy

Quantitative: the following metrics are used in the rating process:

  • Loans to Deposits ratio
  • Retail loans as a proportion of Total loans
  • Cash as a proportion of Total assets
  • Confirmed Regulatory breaches/Fines
  • Return on Assets
  • Equity as a proportion of Total assets
  • Investment in Employee development/Investment in Staff

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