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Lafferty Banking 1000

Global database that provides ratings of banks worldwide

Lafferty Banking 1000 is a unique online global database that provides ratings of banks worldwide for their overall quality and longer-term sustainability. The best banks can achieve 5 stars, while those at the other end of the scale score one star.

The database allows users to benchmark any of the 1000 hosted banks against any selection of the other banks and against their national, regional and global competitors. At the touch of a button It can rank banks and countries for:

  • overall quality
  • key financial criteria such as return on assets, equity to assets and loans to deposits
  • any one of multiple non-financial metrics – from strategy to brand promise.

This means that ratings are available for the 1000 banks in vital areas such as:

  • Climate change policy
  • Board diversity
  • Digital dependability
  • Customer focus

"Best-in-class" Comparisons
The potential to make comparisons and learn from local competitors and "best-in-class" benchmark banks across the world is one of the main potential uses of Lafferty Banking 1000, This is facilitated by the fact that each metric also contains a link to the original source material on which it is based – allowing for easy retrieval.

The Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings method interprets the information presented by banks to shareholders, investors, and the public at large in their own annual reports. The system uses a heuristic methodology to analyse the signals that banks are sending out in their annual reports – intentionally or otherwise – about strategy, culture, board diversity, customer care, brand promise, climate change policy and financial performance – and brings all of these together to rate the overall bank. It uses the annual report because of its unique status as the primary vehicle for management of a bank to communicate and account to shareholders and other stakeholders.

Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings already has a notable predictive record. Now into its fourth year, the first Ratings were released in 2016 – and immediately caused a stir in the industry, by giving the then famed Wells Fargo Bank a 2-star rating. Within six months the Wells fake-accounts scandal – which it has yet to recover from – had broken and its share price collapsed.

The subsequent low ratings given to the Big Four Australian banks also served as a warning that all was not well there, contrary to the claims of senior bankers. The evidence soon came in a devastating Royal Commission report – and was followed by the resignation of three of the four bank CEOs.

Amazingly, one of them – Brian Hartzer of Westpac – in an exclusive interview with the Australian Financial Review in February 2015, laid out his vision for the bank, largely based on his plan to emulate Wells Fargo. "When I talk about being seen as one of the great service businesses of the world, my aspiration would be that Westpac would be mentioned in that same sentence," Hartzer tells Tony Boyd. "And you know, Wells has done a fabulous job and I think we share philosophically quite a similar view on the role of banks and how a bank ought to be run."

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