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The Statement


An exclusive magazine created for a digital age of banking by Lafferty Group.

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The Statement will be much more than a regular banking magazine. It will be full of insights on where the world's best banks are going in the post-COVID age and will be anchored in continuous research among the 1000 banks from over 100 countries that we have chosen as our focus.

The core of The Statement will be our global ratings and rankings – all drawn from the proprietary Lafferty 1000 database.

Most important is our star-ratings and these in turn are based on 21 other metrics where banks are scored for culture, strategy, customer focus, digital transformation, board diversity, financial inclusion, climate risk reporting and more.

The BEST BANK per country rankings will be published in the inaugural issue of The Statement.

Every subsequent issue of the magazine will include multiple other ratings and rankings of the 1000 banks, including:

  • Our pièce de rèsistance – star-ratings for all 1000 banks, published over two months in September and November, as well as
  • Rankings for metrics such as profitability, investment in staff, bank accounting, bank capital, regulation – and qualitative criteria such as CEO leadership, culture, strategy, customer focus, customer satisfaction, digital transformation, board diversity, financial inclusion and climate risk reporting.

The Lafferty 1000 database interprets the information presented by banks to shareholders, investors, and the public at large in their annual reports. The system uses a heuristic methodology to analyse the signals that banks are sending out in their annual reports – intentionally or otherwise – and combines them to score the overall bank. It uses the annual report because of its unique status as the primary vehicle for management of a bank to communicate and account to shareholders and other stakeholders.



  • Exclusive: Emerging markets are home to the best banks
  • The CEO interview: Marcos Ramírezof Banorte on banking in a digital world
  • The best banks in 80 countries
  • Analysing the BRICS for sustainable climate policies
  • A moment of reckoning for Digital India
  • Sabila Din on gender parity
  • A critical moment for board diversity
  • Making space for your brand in a crowded world
  • Germany to open the financial taps after Covid-19 conversion

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