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The LAFFERTY 1000 database provides ratings of quoted banks worldwide for their overall quality and longer-term sustainability. A bank may achieve one of the top, 5-star ratings or as few as one – depending on how it scores across the 21 metrics. It is also a vast store of global best practices in key areas of banking.

Our ratings are aimed particularly at members of the bank's executive committee. Having said that, this database has extensive content of special relevance to other top executives and departments, as it covers staff investment, strategy, culture, leadership, customer satisfaction, digitalisation, inclusion, and climate risk – as well as financials.

The database allows users to benchmark any of the 1000 hosted banks against any selection of the other banks and against their national, regional and global competitors. With some 23,000 items of data, the LAFFERTY 1000 database is endlessly flexible, allowing all conceivable selections and comparisons – in countries and regions, and across each of the quantitative and qualitative metrics. Lafferty 1000 is particularly useful for competitive scanning, enabling banks to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and make vital comparisons.

The database interprets the information presented by banks to shareholders, investors, and the public at large in their annual reports. The system uses a heuristic methodology to analyse the signals that banks are sending out in their annual reports – intentionally or otherwise – and combines them to score the overall bank. It uses the annual report because of its unique status as the primary vehicle for management of a bank to communicate and account to shareholders and other stakeholders.

Lafferty bank quality ratings are not credit ratings. They are intended to provide an indication of the overall quality and longer-term sustainability of individual banks.

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