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The World Banking Council is being established at the height of the economic, financial and human crisis caused by the global coronavirus pandemic in order to help bankers find a new way ahead for their industry.

The World Banking Council takes as its starting point the state of 1000 of the world's largest quoted banks across 117 countries and rates each of them for their quality and sustainability using 21 metrics – from financial performance to how they treat a range of stakeholders including staff, customers, the unbanked, regulators, the environment – and not least shareholders.

It does so by analysing the rich content of banks' annual reports – and comes to a finding that will surprise the industry at large – namely that Western banks from countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland are no longer the world leaders they have been seen as for decades.

The world's best banks now come from Asia, Africa and other emerging markets The World Banking Council will monitor where banking goes from here by continuing to rate and rank the 1000 quoted banks in its interactive database. The findings will be discussed in detail in THE STATEMENT and at member meetings across the world in the years ahead. These will be virtual until members are comfortable meeting face-to-face.

World Banking Council membership also includes global and regional meetings, a weekly newsletter on the digital economy, a member portal for sharing ideas – and special interest groups on consumer banking, digital finance, SME banking, postal banking, corporate banking and private banking, among others.

Membership benefits and deliverables include:

  • Confidential meetings
  • Special interest groups
  • Member webinars
  • Access to the Lafferty 1000 database
  • THE STATEMENT magazine
  • The weekly digital economy newsletter
  • Use of the member portal for sharing ideas
  • Concierge service

Can you afford not to be informed?

For a copy of the World Banking Council prospectus click below:


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