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Lafferty Global Awards 2016

The submission deadline for the 2016 Lafferty Global Awards has now passed; no further submissions will be accepted.

To receive an entry form for the 2017 Lafferty Global Awards, please contact Ronan Lynch, COO, Lafferty Group:

Email: ronan.lynch@lafferty.com
Tel: +353 (0) 98 39126

The winners of 2016

Lafferty Group offers its warmest congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Lafferty Global Awards.

The awards showcase innovative services and products in retail banking, cards and payments and merchant services, with a diverse range of winners from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. "One thing that struck the judges is that almost no area of banking is untouched by mobile technology," said Lafferty COO Rónán Lynch. "It's clear to us that banks and payments businesses are spending a lot of their innovation budgets on mobile — and there's probably a lot more innovation to come in the area of mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile technology. That applies whether we're talking about wealthy parts of the world or poor parts of the world."

The Excellence in Mobile Banking category is awarded to both Sterling Bank of Nigeria and South Africa's FNB, while Diamond Bank of Nigeria wins the Excellence in Financial Inclusion award. Voyager Innovations of the Philippines, winner of the Excellence in Fintech Lending category, also puts the mobile device at the heart of its offering.

The winning entry in the Excellence in Retail Banking is Barclays Africa.

UAE bank ADIB wins the Excellence in Digital Banking category, with Mexican bank Banorte winning the Excellence in Credit Cards category.

UK-based Vocalink wins the Excellence in Payments category. Swiss postal bank PostFinance takes the award for Excellence in SME/Business Banking, with US payments processor Elavon taking the award for Excellence in Corporate Merchant Services.

Gain Industry Endorsement and Recognition as a Major Influencer in Financial Services

Over the past three decades, Lafferty Group has worked to identify, share and celebrate excellence in retail financial services. The goal of our Councils, the Retail Banking Academy and our publications, events and forums is to help the industry to serve its customers better through professionalism, skill and innovation in order to generate sustainable success and value.

Lafferty Global Awards reward long-term, sustainable excellence in financial services. These awards celebrate outstanding work — whatever form it takes and wherever it can be found — particularly where institutions have found innovative or creative ways to better serve, or even find, their customers.

These awards are truly democratic in that anyone can enter and will get equal consideration for their case study. We have no pre-set ideas as to which institutions, products, projects or brands should win. We don't believe that the 'Premier League' of global banks has a monopoly on the best ideas. On the contrary, we see outstanding contributions from smaller, more agile and focused players in emerging markets and market segments.

Who Can Enter?

The Lafferty Global Awards are open to entries from anywhere in the world. Thanks to our independent judging panel, all entries are given equal consideration. If your project or initiative is of the highest quality, you will be a winner, regardless of the size of your organisation.


There are 22 award categories across all areas of financial services including banking, cards and payments, merchant services and fintech. More information on these categories can be found here.

What are we looking for?

These awards celebrate case studies in excellence. Case studies should relate to current, ongoing products, projects, or initiatives — although they may have been started up to 10 years ago. The case study should be evidently successful and have clearly identifiable outcomes which are in the best interests of both the customer and the organisation. For example, your case studies could showcase excellence in:

  • Strategy
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Agility
  • Revenue and profit improvement
  • Customer experience
  • Understanding and meeting customer needs
  • Overcoming challenges and addressing problems
  • Innovation
  • HR management, recruitment, training and employee engagement
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical business practices

Judging Panel

Judges will be chosen from our network of expert authorities in each category with relevant experience in global markets. There will be three judges per category, and an adjudicator in case judges cannot agree.

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