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Lafferty Group hosts a series of webcasts covering the latest industry thinking within retail banking and cards and payments. Recent subjects addressed have included:

•    Consumer Credit in Middle East & Africa
•    The Next Retail Banking Revolution
•    Credit Card Profit Pools
•    Future of Banking in Europe in the wake of the Liikanen Report
•    New frontiers in merchant services
•    Why universal banking is bad for our wealth
•    Credit Card Profitability: Latin America

If you would like the opportunity to be seen as a thought leader within this space through a webcast partnership. We provide the platform to showcase your organisation to key financial decision-makers worldwide or within a region. All you need to do is co-present with one of our experienced presenters.

As part of a webcast partnership, we would offer you:

•    A 1-hour slot of your choice using branded slides
•    Promotion of the branded webinar via our website
•    Regular email campaigns to our database promoting the branded webinar
•    Live interaction with the audience during the webcast
•    The option to conduct polls and get viewers feedback instantly
•    Full reports on registration, attendance and performance
•    A database of opt-in attendees
•    A copy of the recording and slides to share with your clients

To discuss webcast sponsorship in more detail and the associated costs please contact Lydia Russell at lydia.russell@lafferty.com or +44 (0) 20 3008 8419.

Lafferty Retail Banking Insights
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News: Diamond Trust Bank to expand to fifth African market after capital raise

Features: A Global Perspective

Webinars: Risk is not a Number

Ethical adjustments

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Lafferty Cards & Payments Insights
Latest Highlights

News: Square bounces back with SMS support for P2P service

Features: Mobile Money Watch

Webinars: The Global Credit Cards Market

The Hackathon Enigma

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Lafferty Databanks 2014

Two new series of executive research reports covering the credit and debit cards markets.
Each databank is available by region – Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East and Western Europe.

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Bank Branch of the Future

A new Lafferty executive management report

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Risk is not a Number -
The impact of UK banking standards around the world

Thursday 21 August, 10am BST

Presented by:

Bruce Packard,

Author, Commonsense Risk Management, published by Lafferty Group

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Lafferty Global Research Databases

Visit www.laffertyresearch.com (formerly www.worldcardsintelligence.com)

Lafferty Global Research Databases builds customised downloadable tables in graphic representation to provide you with critical information to make informed decisions.

Contact kerry.manning@lafferty.com for more information

IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/p01m9IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.