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Management Roundtables to Focus on Future Prospects in Retail Banking and Cards and Payments
2 Feb 2015

Africa has both opportunities and challenges when it comes to extending financial inclusion to embrace a majority of Africans. At a Lafferty Breakfast Briefing in Harare on 19 November last, the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr C. L. Dhliwayo, observed that the retail banking industry in Africa had grown tremendously in recent years but still needed to innovate to reach new markets and consumers

Global Predictions
2 Feb 2015

1.    The retail banking and securities industries will be re-separated within five to 10 years. The UK has set the pace with ‘ring-fencing the retail bank’ and Europe and the US will follow suit

China's People Embrace the Fast Pace of Change in Finance and Technology
2 Feb 2015

In the popular Chinese movie A World Without Thieves, the plot revolves around a labourer returning to his village to get married, and carrying all his five years’ savings in cash rather than via remittance. China is changing so fast that the ten-year-old movie seems old-fashioned already, writes Sisi Liao, Senior Research Advisor at Lafferty Group

Cuba: An Insider's Take on the Coming Changes
2 Feb 2015

Banks can prosper in Cuba, but only after country’s removal from terrorism list

Letter from Moscow
2 Feb 2015

In the last days of December 2014, an angry crowd gathered at the gates of the Russian central bank in Moscow. They were not any ordinary rabble: they were Russians with mortgages denominated in dollars, demanding immediate action from the regulator to help them survive the growing rouble crisis

By Igor Lipanov

Statistics of the Month
2 Feb 2015

Despite existing in one of the world’s financial centres, Singapore’s banks have not lost their local identity: retail deposits form the bedrock of their business. Singaporeans have long been among the biggest savers in the world. The tiny island nation is one of the world’s wealthiest with a GDP per capita of $55,520, ranking Singapore in the top ten globally, just ahead of the United States

Lafferty Retail Banking Insights
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Opinion: Service please! Currency Cloud’s Todd Latham on the rise of the API

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Lafferty Cards & Payments Insights
Latest Highlights

News: UK budget to support research into digital currencies

Research: The cards market in Vietnam

Opinion: Bruce Packard responds to the FT on TransferWise and the new Lafferty Breaking Banks report

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IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/p01m9IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.