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Eastern Europe: Credit Cards and Consumer Finance
31 Mar 2014

Turkey, one of the most populous countries in Europe, achieved a spectacular growth of over 617 percent in overall consumer debt between 2005 and 2013

Thailand - Eastern Inspiration
3 Mar 2014

In an extract from Lafferty Global Research Databases, Insights examines the retail banking landscape and card issuing practices in Thailand

By the Lafferty Global Research Databases team

Brazil: The engine of Latin America
31 Jan 2014

Brazil has the world’s fifth-largest population, forecast to grow from its present 196 million to over 215 million by 2050. According to the World Bank, the percentage of the population living in urban areas went from 81.3 percent in 2000 to 85 percent in 2011. This has created substantial housing demand in cities and towns

By the Lafferty Global Research Databases Team

Consumer credit-Middle East
16 Dec 2013

The Middle East is one of the world’s fastest growing markets for banking, with a financial services sector in the midst of a significant overhaul. Banks and financial institutions across the region are investing heavily to match or outstrip their international peers

By Phathisani Khumalo

Culture of complaints
1 Nov 2013

David Hickey analyses recent trends in consumer complaints against financial institutions in Europe and North America

Consumer credit in Africa
1 Nov 2013

Financial systems are extending in many African countries, with more credit services being provided to households. New players and new products, often enabled by new technologies, have broadened access to financial services, especially savings and payment products

By Phathisani Khumalo

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IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/p01m9IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.