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Crisis Talks
30 Jun 2014

In a new entry from the Lafferty weblog, Bruce Packard asks “Can we declare the global financial crisis ended?”

Silver Dollar
30 Jun 2014

The pressures and choices facing senior citizens in the new world of digital channels – and persistently low interest rates

By Fin Keegan

Everybody wants to be a banker
30 Jun 2014

Picture if you will a scar-faced, one-eyed, Bond villain smoking a cigar, swivelling on a chair, stroking a cat, ordering the end of the world and laughing mirthlessly. Now, picture a banker...

By Donal Conaty

Paid to bank
3 Jun 2014

As many retail banks around the world strive to at least be seen to provide the best value and service to customers, an increasing number of eye-catching offers compete for attention

By Donal Conaty

New Kids on the block
1 May 2014

A recent post from the IARB weblog, available online and updated regularly at blogs.iarb.org/retailbanking/

Garry Marsh advises those looking to break the mould in British banking to take a look at the success of Capitec in South Africa

Investing in debt
31 Mar 2014

For many people thinking about retirement, purchasing a second property to let is a popular investment to ensure a steady income to supplement one’s pension in the twilight years

By Owen Sweeney

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Everybody wants to be a banker

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News: Visa's new e-commerce offering could mean the end of 'abandoned checkouts'

Features: Global Merchant Services Council

Webinars: The Global Credit Cards Market – What’s Happening?

Wearable payments

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Risk is not a Number -
The impact of UK banking standards around the world

Thursday 21 August, 10am BST

Presented by:

Bruce Packard,

Author, Commonsense Risk Management, published by Lafferty Group

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IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/p01m9IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.