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  N = Newsletter    R = Report


Michael Lafferty leaves the Financial Times to start Lafferty Group

Retail Banker International (N) launched


Retail Banking Revolution (R) launched

1st International Retail Banking Conference held in London


International Accounting Bulletin (N) launched


The Accountant, the oldest accounting magazine in the world, founded in 1870, acquired by Lafferty Group and converted into (N)

Retail Banking in the 1990s - research (R)


Innovative Success in the Retail Financial Market - research report


Electronic Payments International (N) launched

Bankers and Payments - research report

The Decade of Change - banking in Europe: the next 10 years - research report


Private Banker International (N) launched

People and Payments - research report


European Banker (N) launched

Retailers and Payments - research (R)

Management Consultant International (N) launched

Beyond Retail Banking - the philosophy of German consumer banking pioneer, Stefan Kaminsky - special (R)


Cards International (N) launched

Life Insurance International (N) launched

Service Quality in Financial Institutions - research (R)


Bank Marketing International (N) launched

Financial Revolution in Europe I - research (R)

Private Label Credit Cards - research (R)

Global Cards Databank - research (R)

The Housing Finance Revolution - research (R)

Business Banking in the 1990s - research (R)

Branch Banking 2000 - research (R)


Financial Revolution in Europe II - research (R)

The Power Brokers - an insider's guide to French financial elite - research (R)

Allfinanz Without Limits - research (R)

New Frontiers in Financial Services: the investment funds opportunity - research (R)

Advertising Financial Services - research (R)


The Allfinanz Revolution - research (R)

The Direct Services Challenge - research (R)

Coming Wars in Investment Management - research (R)

Evolving Techniques in Investment Management - research (R)


Financial Services for the Affluent - research report

Branch Banking 2010 - research report 


Distribution 2000 - research (R)

Direct Dial to Success - research (R)


International Retail Banking Council launched

International Cards and Payments Council launched 


Targeting Customers for Profit - research (R)

Database Marketing in Retail Banks and Financial Services Companies - research (R)


The Future of Financial Services: a new breed of dinosaur - research (R)

Mergers and Acquisitions in Financial Services - research (R)

Cross-sector Alliances in Financial Services - research (R)

Re-engineered Banks - research (R)

Cards Databank North and South America - research (R)

E-commerce: the new frontier for retail banks - research (R)


Masters of Financial Services: American benchmarks for the millennium - research (R)

Financial Europe '99 - research (R)

European Post Offices in Financial Services - research (R)

Retailers in Financial Services - the new competitive threat - research (R)

Global Cards Superplayers - research (R)

Cards Databank Europe - research (R)

Interactive Digital TV and Mobile Delivery - research (R)

E-finance Europe - research (R)

CRM on the Web - research (R)

Life Insurance 2010 - research (R)


First multi-client study, Cards Europe 2001-02, launched

Second multi-client study, Cards Asia-Pacific 2001-02, launched

E-finance North America - research (R)

E-finance Asia-Pacific - research (R)

Retail Financial Services in Japan - research (R)

Success in SME Banking - research (R)

Multi-channel Financial Services - research (R)

Calculating Customer and Product Profitability - research (R)


Bancassurance in Europe - research (R)

Creating a Balanced Scorecard - research (R)

Mobile Banking and Payments - research (R)

Retail Payments Databank - research (R)


Corporate Governance for Banking - research (R)
Performance Measurement in Retail Financial Services - research (R)


Preparing for Basel II - research (R)
Credit Cards and Consumer Lending in Europe 2003-2005 - multi-client study
Credit Cards in Asia-Pacific 2005 - multi-client study


International Best Practice in Branch Banking: the UK experience as a benchmark - multi-client study
Oil Cards in Europe - multi-client study
Cards International Daily newswire launched
World Accounting Intelligence Daily newswire launched
Publishing and Conferences business sold to focus on advanced knowledge and services - councils, benchmarking research and executive education
World Cards Intelligence database launched


International Branch Banking Database launched
International Post Bank Council launched


Retail Banking Council for Central & Eastern Europe launched
Re-entered publishing business with the launch of Lafferty Cards Insider & Lafferty Retail Banking Insider


Re-entered conferences business with the launch of Lafferty Cards Europe 2008, Lafferty Cards CEE 2008, Lafferty Cards Asia 2008 & Lafferty Retail Banking Asia 2008


First Lafferty webinar, The New Deal in Retail Banking, is held with subsequent webinars including: The New Cards Landscape, Rebuilding Trust in Retail Banking, Benchmarking Europe’s G5 & Debit is the New Credit.
A series of 1 to 2 day retail banking and cards conferences are held in Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Philippines & Vietnam   


World E-money Council is launched
A topical schedule of cards and retail banking webinars are hosted including:
The New Credit Climate, Microfinance: a global briefing, The Future of Merchant Services & Navigating the Mobile Payments Revolution.
Lafferty resources start publishing management reports: Retail Bank 2020, Global Credit Card Rankings, Microfinance for Profit & Merchant Acquiring Regional Reports
Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) is launched
A series of 1 to 2 day retail banking and cards conferences are held in China, Nigeria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Uruguay, Chile, Singapore and Egypt.


A series of managament reports are published including: Best Practices in Credit Cards and Consumer Lending, Real Banks for Real People, Credit Card Profit Pools Regional Reports, Lafferty Cards Yearbook 2011 & Lafferty Retail Banking Yearbook 2011

Lafferty launches a new website and the online resources: Lafferty Cards Insights & Lafferty Retail Banking Insights


Founded with the objective of playing a leading role in the development and professionalisation of consumer-oriented retail banking across the world, Lafferty Group launches the International Academy of Retail Banking,
Lafferty Retail Banking Insights
Latest Highlights

News: The FCA issues guidelines on social media

Research: Retail banking in Vietnam

Opinion: Service please! Currency Cloud’s Todd Latham on the rise of the API

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Lafferty Cards & Payments Insights
Latest Highlights

News: UK budget to support research into digital currencies

Research: The cards market in Vietnam

Opinion: Bruce Packard responds to the FT on TransferWise and the new Lafferty Breaking Banks report

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Lafferty Group cordially invites you to attend the

Cards & Payments Conference

The New Payments Landscape

Date: 8-9 October 2015

Venue: Sofitel London St James, 6 Waterloo Place, London, United Kingdom

R.S.V.P Michael Lafferty

Research Databases

Lafferty Global Research Databases provides invaluable market and competitor intelligence on
payments cards, e-money, acquiring/processing, retail banking and consumer credit.

Regions include: Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, North America and Western Europe.


IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/p01m9IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.