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The Global Credit Cards Market – What’s Happening?
17 Jul 2014

Presented by Vicky Costello, Writer/Analyst, Lafferty Group The credit card is potentially the most profitable product in all of retail banking. In the wake of the global credit crisis, the consumer credit market suffered heavy losses and debit cards surged in popularity, often at the expense of credit cards. However, in several key regions worldwide, credit cards are witnessing a recovery and penetration rates are increasing, regaining lost market share. The webinar will highlight key trends in the credit cards market with revealing data and attractive, easy-to-understand charts and graphs. It will highlight the areas with the greatest potential for growth and profitability and focus on key regions and markets worldwide to provide you with the critical intelligence you need to see where the market is heading.

Merchant Acquiring Latin America
1 Jul 2014

Presented by David Hickey, Researcher, Lafferty Group and Phathisani Khumalo, Deputy Head of Research, Lafferty Group Latin America is a region that has not only seen impressive growth in the use of payment cards, but can also boast the highest average merchant service charges of any global region.With individual markets having distinct characteristics, the approaches to developing the payments industry have always had to be uniquely tailored to the environment. Despite this diverse picture, the constant theme throughout Latin America is that of markets with the potential for good long-term growth.

Bank Branch of the Future
19 Jun 2014

Presented by Karen Epper Hoffman, Writer/Industry Analyst, Lafferty Group Kerry Manning, Head of Marketing Research Services, Lafferty Group Bank branches are at a crossroads. As electronic channels capture more transactions, banks are reimagining the way branches look, how they operate and the role they play in retail delivery. This webinar will look at the factors driving the branch of the future and the technologies, trends and designs that will define it.

Mobile Money - A Global Overview
11 Jun 2014

Presented by Robert Grealis, CEO of Lafferty Group David Hickey, Researcher, Lafferty Group Mobile Money is at a crucial stage of development. Will its potential be fulfilled? What is the potential for Mobile Money in developing and mature markets? In this webinar we review global developments in Mobile Money and examine the state of play, challenges and opportunities in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America. For complimentary access please register before the 6th June 2014 Fee: $97

Mobile Money in Latin America
15 May 2014

Presented by: Patrick Houlihan, Researcher and Kerry Manning, Head of Marketing Latin America has been identified as a region to watch in the global unfolding of a new era in payments.  In this webinar we look at the mobile money industry in leading Latin American markets and how developments and innovations from this region could shape the future of mobile money across the world.

Merchant Acquiring: Middle East
6 Feb 2014

Presented by: Sisi Liao, Group Head of Research, Lafferty Group and Phathisani Khumalo, Deputy Head of Research, Lafferty Group Merchant Acquiring: Middle East will highlight the many contrasts found within and between each regional market. This webinar will uncover a number of markets with enormous potential, especially in those countries where there is the opportunity to drive up payment card acceptance and, consequently, merchant revenue. The Middle East has a unique acquiring and processing landscape that will reward those in possession of dispassionate analysis. International players are active and slowly growing their presence; in most markets the predominant model is competition among a few large banks.

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Risk is not a Number -
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Thursday 21 August, 10am BST

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Bruce Packard,

Author, Commonsense Risk Management, published by Lafferty Group

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IARB co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report. co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discuss the latest rate rigging scandal and ethics in banking on the BBC World Service's World Business Report.